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Welcome to SMEAR where your whole body is nourished from head-to-toe. We are excited and pleased to have you join the SMEAR family during this amazing journey.
As the founders we have a strong background in beauty, wellness, design and the art of barbering. Living in an urban city like Chicago we understand the importance of clean beauty products and encompassing a healthy simplistic lifestyle.  We have created a luxurious multi-purpose essential product that is eco-friendly, free of toxins and cruelty free.  Our signature product, Smear Nourishing Hair and Skin Balm.
SMEAR is meticulously handcrafted with our favorite ingredients and always made with love. Freshly made in small batches every week, skillfully designed and hand packed right here in the Heart of Chicago.  We pride ourselves by using only the highest quality raw butters, oils and aromatherapy to heal, protect and soothe your senses harnessing the pure essence of green beauty.
Stay tuned for more clean products as we continue to create and develop our brand. Follow us on social media if you haven't already, smearchicago! 


Be Well,

Tirzah & Deprece Oliver